Bio Jono

I was born in Southend-on-Sea, Essex, England. It’s a while ago and I can’t really remember when it was, but I do remember seeing England win the World Cup on a black and white TV, so there’s a clue.

School was good, and so was university, but playing in a band was much more fun than Bertolt Brecht for some reason. So I did that, and here I am.

What do I do? I play guitar. Sing a bit. Write some songs – usually they’re quite depressing ones, and mainly involve someone on the point of suicide. Strangely that sort of song usually cheers me up a bit. I also teach English to primary school children. They call me “Mister Jono”.

My hobbies: the usual stuff like watching TV [various British comedy stuff – anything with David Mitchell or Stephen Fry is good], films, sport and then a bit more sport – football, rugby, golf, cricket and even athletics, tennis and cycling if I’m desperate. And quizzes. Anything to avoid having to watch commercial Dutch TV really. Like Dave, I’m a supporter of Southend United FC .When they win the Champions league, you’ll have heard of them. But they never will, although they did beat Manchester Utd a few years ago. Like Dave, I also like the comedian Stewart Lee – he’s funny, if you like that sort of thing.

Music I like: The Beatles, Crowded House, Nick Lowe, Paul Simon, and Garfunkel, Elbow, Radiohead, Johnny Cash, Dr. Feelgood, Elvis Costello, David Bowie and loads more . Most of it recorded  before about 1990.

I also enjoy books, computers and holidays. And my family.